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Mo 13.02.2008 20:30 1st Munich JSF Talk
Mo 14.04.2008 20:30 News from JSF Days Vienna 2008, i18n compliance
We 22.07.2008 20:30 Develop GUI components via JSF Facelet tags, maintainalbe CSS for JSF applications
We 13.01.2009 20:30 Retrospection of 2008, Does SUN have the better Open Source Products?, switch to subversion


In 2004 we started developing JSF in productive environments. First we used standard JSF components, but it exist not enough off-the-shelf functionality. In the beginning of JSF the maturity of 3rd party components were not sufficient. Therefore we created our own libraries with components and validators. Within the creation process we have gathered lots of experience in the building process.

On the other hand we have to operate and maintain the components in business critical applications. New difficulties have resulted from the adaptability, expandability and compatibility between components. Our own way of doing JSF has permanently changed.

We would like to discuss these facts and introduce a face2face community within an two monthly JSF Talk.

Our goals are exchange current news and know-how, share knowledge and advance your network.

We want to invite all, who have fun with JSF: developers, architects or the curious

13.02.2008 1st Munich JSF Talk

Google Calendar Details and a short video at youtube

  • nobody likes testing, but this can help you - Selenium (Info)
  • handle JSF starting pages that need an initialization - based on this discussion Ganesh developed an onload tag J4Fry Onload tag (Discussion)
  • using Facelets (Discussion)

14.04.2008 2nd Munich JSF Talk

  • Fresh news from JSFDays 2008
  • Internationaliszsation (i18n) in JSF applications

22.07.2008 3rd Munich JSF Talk

13.01.2009 4th Munich JSF Talk

  • Retrospection of 2008 and the latest news from WJAX Munich 2008
  • Does SUN have the better Open Source Products? - GlassFish, NetBeans or OpenJDK
  • Switch to subversion - What do I have to consider?