About the J4Fry community

J4Fry was founded on 03-03-06 when a group of german HypoVereinsbank Java developers decided to start sharing their software development ideas in a web community. Michael Gerstle, Michael Schneider and Ganesh Jung where planning this step for several weeks and on that auspicious day we where coming together in the munich branch in the Quadriga in Unterföhring discussing a good name for our project. We wanted to make software development as easy as following a cooking recipe and we where convinced that Java is the software platform of the future. It was Michael Gerstle (now employee of some french producer of chocolate ice cream) who created the name J4Fry. After some weeks Alexander Bell joined us and helped a lot since then implementing the JSF taglib and designing the website. Michael Schneider has changed his job since then to carry the J4Fry ideas into the financial branch of a bavarian producer of fast cars. Ganesh Jung still works as a freelancer for the munich branch and has introduced J4Fry ideas and software into several projects. Tim Schweers (at that time employee of a International producer of Business Machines) joined us on 24-05-07. He has spread J4Fry concepts into the project he has been working at since then and he made conceptual and implementation contributions to the errorhandling components.

We are a non-commercial community interested in software development. This site is meant to provide information about our approach to good software architecture. This includes asset protection by choosing platforms that are likely to survive the next 20 years and time-to-market by choosing frameworks that make software development quick and easy. For these reasons we prefer free software over commercial non-free software and popular software over specialised products. Nevertheless we provide solutions to enhance popular platforms where we see a need of improvement.


J4Fry software is in production use in distriubuted applications with hundreds of users. The order entry system RODEO_NET uses J4Fry since autumn 2006 (over 1000 users). The document management system LIBDOK has started using J4Fry in spring 2007 (about 200 users). The portfolio management software VBSPlus uses J4Fry since october 2007 (over 1000 users). As anybody can download and use J4Fry software we don't know about every sytem that uses J4Fry. If you are using J4Fry please let us know in our forum.