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HttpLoadTester improved

We've release version 1.2 of HttpLoadTester. Not only have we greatly improved to stability but we've given it a swing interface, so usability has improved a lot.
Ganesh, 12.04.2011

DojoFaces 1.2_00 released

We've given DojoFaces a portal on it's own, so future releases of DojoFaces will be announced there.

Here's a new release. We've gone up to 1.2 because dojo:dataGrid's content parameter has changed to support converter and validators for each column. Please check out the release notes for upgrade instructions.

Here are the links for download, documentation and examples.

The examples are now available as a war file for download, so you can use them as a starting point for your own project.

Ganesh, 7.12.2009

DojoFaces 1.1_05 released

The list of dijit widgets wasn't complete as announced with 1.1_04. dojo:comboButton wasn't contained, so it's now. Also 1.1_04 claimed to contain dojo:rating, but it didn't. It's also in 1.1_05.

1.1_05 is ready for download and the documentation is updated as well as the examples.

Ganesh, 28.08.2009

DojoFaces 1.1_04 released

DojoFaces now covers the complete list of dijit widgets. This release adds dojo:simpleTextarea, dojo:inlineEditBox, dojo:toggleButton, dojo:multiSelect, dojo:colorPalette, dojo:menuItem and dojo:checkedMenuItem.

1.1_04 is ready for download and the documentation is updated as well as the examples.

Ganesh, 16.08.2009

DojoFaces 1.1_03 released

Again more tags to announce: dojo:textarea, dojo:checkBox, dojo:validationTextBox, dojo:editor, dojo:accordionContainer.

1.1_03 is ready for download and the documentation is updated as well as the examples.

Sourceforge is fixed, 1.1_02 is available too.

Ganesh, 29.07.2009

DojoFaces 1.1_02 released

Drilled deep enough! More DojoFaces tags pouring out of the hole! We've collected them for you and here's the next release: New tags dojo:horizontalScrollBar, dojo:verticalScrollBar, dojo:numberSpinner, dojo:radioGroup and dojo:radioButton.

Currently the file release system of sourceforge is out of order. Here's a link to the 1.1_02 release zip: http://j4fry.org/dojo-faces-1.1_02.zip

I'll keep you informed when the sourceforge system is up again.

Ganesh, 23.07.2009

DojoFaces 1.1_01 released

In 1.1_00 the dataGrid was unfunctional in IE7 (all other browsers ok though), so we are quickly releasing a fix. The release also contains onkeyup events for dojo:dateTextBox, dojo:timeTextBox, dojo:currencyTextBox and dojo:numberTextBox.

Ganesh, 20.07.2009

DojoFaces 1.1 released

The DojoFaces tags saw some changes, so we decided to make this DojoFaces release 1.1_00. Check the new release and the updated documentation. The examples have been updated too. Here's the change list from the release notes for your convenience:

  • added dojo:dropDownSelect
  • added dojo:textBox
  • added dojo:timeTextBox
  • added dojo:numberTextBox
  • added dojo:currencyTextBox
  • added rendered and disabled attribute to dojo:dateTextBox
  • removed SetContentTypeListener from faces-config.xml, added instructions to documentation
  • added surrounding panelGroup to dojo:titlePane, dojo:tabContainer and dojo:form to support rendered attribute
  • added attr attribute to all tags to support attribute pass through to the dojo widget
  • removed automatic type: 'submit' from dojo:button, supply attr="type: 'submit'" when upgrading
  • removed style, class and required attributes from all tags - can be set through attr="" if needed
  • removed clientSort, singleClickEdit, rowSelector, autoHeight, style, errorMessage, selectable, headerMenu, loadingMessage, selectionMode and columnReordering attributes from dojo:dataGrid - can be set through attr="" if needed
  • removed promptMessage, invalidMessage, class, style and required attributes from dojo:dateTextBox - can be set through attr="" if needed
  • removed class and style attributes from dojo:filteringSelect- can be set through attr="" if needed
  • removed class and style attributes from dojo:form - can be set through attr="" if needed
  • removed tabStrip, tabPosition, class, style and nested attributes from dojo:tabContainer - can be set through attr="" if needed
  • removed title, class and style attributes from dojo:titlePane - can be set through attr="" if needed

Ganesh, 19.07.2009

dojoFacelets go DojoFaces

We did a APT (abandoned project takeover) of the Sourceforge project DojoFaces. Now we rename dojoFacelets to DojoFaces and we are releasing 1.0_02 in the DojoFaces project.

You can download the 1.0_02 release from the new location. We've also updated the documentation: Bugs have been fixed and we've added new tags and attributes to the existing tags.

Ganesh, 07.07.2009

dojoFacelets released

The initial release of dojoFacelets is out, a new template based tag library with wrappers for dojo widgets. 7 widgets have been wrapped so far, 10 more are on their way. The first large product with a user base of approx. 10000 that uses dojoFacelets will go productive within june.

We want your help in getting this forward. Have you set up a test template for any dojo widget? Please send it to us (use the forum), we'll use it as a base for a tag or at least scan it for wrapping techniques we didn't know yet. Any help is appreciated, everybody is invited to join the development.

Ganesh, 29.05.2009

J4Fry goes MyFaces

We've donated the J4Fry AJAX engine to MyFaces 2.0. It was crucial to the MyFaces 2.0 development to integrate a powerful AJAX engine that adheres to the JSF 2.0 standards. We helped adapting the interfaces and things have come out quite nicely. Alex and have become MyFaces committers, so we'll be able to help with test and maintenance.

The special options of J4Fy AJAX that go beyond the JSF 2.0 spec are included with the AJAX kernel but for JSF 2.0 compatibility reasons they haven't been added to MyFaces' f:ajax tag. The next step will be to upgrade fry:ajax to JSF 2.0 by integrating the MyFaces AJAX back to J4Fry extending it by our special options: partial submit, queuesize, errorlevel, disable and loadingbar. There are two more options we are planning to support with JSF 2.0: timeout and delay.

Ganesh, 14.05.2009

JSF components 1.2_07 released

This is a maintenance release that doesn't introduce new features but improves overall stability and performance. Here's a link: j4fry-components-1.2_07.jar. In detail:

  • Compatibility with MyFaces 1.2 requires to write the State through the Application State Manager and not through the ReponseStateManager.
  • Fixed racing condition in J4FryFaceletsViewhandler when running parallel with non-facelets.
  • replace "this" in ActionScript through document.getElementById - works better when components get replaced e.g. through dojo javascript.
  • The usage of fry:combo has slightly changed (rowKey is a tag attribute now). Please refer to the updated tag documentation.
  • Updated documentation and tlddoc.

Ganesh, 26.03.2009

Lookups 1.3 released

From now on lookups are released in 6 different jars to support web containers, JEE containers and web containers with OpenEJB. Also we've greatly enhanced our documentation on lookups.
Ganesh, 24.03.2009

1.2_06 released

j4fry-components rev. 1.2_06 introduces the declarative fry:dialog jsf tag that enables opening a modal JSF dialog.
The executeWhen und disableOnRequest attributes of fry:ajax have been EL enabled.
The Class attribute for the NumberConverter defines the target class for JSF conversion.
The Compatibility with MyFaces 1.2 requires to write the the state through the Application State Manager and not through the ReponseStateManager.
fry:combo now supports a selectOnly attribute that makes it work with key/value pairs like a select box
fry:combo now needs a rowKey attribute and no ui:insert name="rowKey" any more. With selectOnly you also need a rowValue attribute.
Ganesh, 16.01.2009

J4Fry Blog

J4Fry has got his own Blog now. We want to publish news, howto's, etc. for Java especially for Java-Web-Development.
You can find the blog at http://j4fry.blogspot.com/

cheers Alex, 10.01.2009

JavaMagazin Artikel: Tag-Entwicklung mit Facelets

Im JavaMagazin 11/2008 ist der Artikel Tag-Entwicklung mit Facelets erschienen.
Nat�rlich k�nnen sich auch hier Freiwillige melden um diesen Artikel in das Englische zu �bersetzen. Gewillte �bersetzer wenden sich bitte direkt an den Autor Ganesh Jung.
F�r Anregungen, Kritik und Fragen steht euch das Sourceforge Forum zur Verf�gung.

cheers Alex, 10.12.2008

Article "Lego oder Playmobil" in english. Out Now!

The article "Lego order Playmobil" from Ganesh Jung is available in english now. The article describes some interesting JSF Standard Patterns.

View the article "Lego or Playmobil"

Special thanks to Prasad Chaudhari for translating that article.

Greetz Alex

HttpLoadTester 1.1 released

We've release rev 1.1 of the HTTPLoadTester. Lots of bugs have been fixed, here's the release notes:

  • several deadlocks that sometimes occured in recorder and player mode where removed
  • only the names of the recorded requests (not of the responses) are now written to the description file for easier play
  • remove the secure attribute of cookies when recording https instead of hanging
  • record invalid responses instead of throwing an error
  • start a separate thread to read server responses
  • start the player with first request (used to start with second request)
  • omit initial CRs when continuing to read from a stream
  • named parameters - look at the doku for the new parameter syntax
  • enable postback parameters in the player, parameters can be extracted from HTML code and used for postbacks
  • the stream are now processed bytewise to avoid scrambled pictures when recording

Ganesh, 21.10.2008

1.2_05 released

j4fry-components rev. 1.2_05 introduces compatibility with older-style portals: It uses an OutputStream, that a portal may have opened before, doesn't insist in writing state information (may be null), handels an IE7 bug (MS calls it a feature) in recognizing 'ISO8859-1' in AJAX requests an reuses JSF tree information a custom navigation handler may have dropped between phase 4 and 5.
Ganesh, 21.10.2008

1.2_04 released

j4fry-components rev. 1.2_04 fixes AJAX Bugs that where introduced with 1.2_03. 1.2_03 never made it to production environments we know of.
Ganesh, 29.09.2008

1.2_03 released

j4fry-components rev. 1.2_03 is a maintenance release. We fixed problems in our JSR 168 Portlet AJAX support, there was a major problem with server side state AJAX and JSF 1.2 AJAX didn't work for buttons.
Ganesh, 7.08.2008

Combo tag online

Today we release j4fry-components rev. 1.2_02. It contains the new Facelets Combo Tag and a Facelets Flow Tag. Both tags are only available if you use the library together with facelets.
This release has passed some tests with the JSR168 Portal Liferay and there is a example AJAX enabled portlet for download (thank you J�rg for creating it).
Ganesh, 9.07.2008

JavaMagazin article now online

The JavaMagazin article about standard JSF implementation patterns is now online. We're still looking for a helping hand (plus a brain) to translate it into English. Greetz, Ganesh, 4.07.2008

JavaMagazin Artikel Standard JSF Pattern

Heute eine News auf deutsch: Im JavaMagazin 06/2008 ist der Artikel zu Standard JSF Pattern erschienen. Auch f�r diesen Artikel (danke Armin, dass Du Claudias Leebs AJAX Comparision ins Englische �bersetzt) suchen wir einen �bersetzer, der eine englische �bersetzung anfertigt. Freiwillige k�nnen sich bitte an mich wenden. Anmerkungen und Fragen zum Artikel bitte im Sourceforge Forum. Viele Gr��e, Ganesh, 7.05.2008

Facelets support enabled

The j4fry-components (rev. 1.2_01) now support facelets. We had to adapt the tags for facelets support and the scripts to deal with xhtml. When upgrading the AJAX tag we had to introduce a hack that transforms HTML entity names to HTML entity numbers when using facelets, because facelets use the JSF 1.2 renderers to render XHTML, but the JSF 1.2 renderers render HTML. The quick setup project as well as the example application where also upgraded so that every example is now available in a facelets version as well as in a pure JSF 1.2 version. Both contain two different folders now: One with pure JSF 1.2 support and one that is built with facelets and xhtml. Greetz, Ganesh, 6.05.2008

upgrades for JSF 1.2 support

j4fry-components, j4fry-lookups, j4fry-jsf-jpa-bridge and the quick setup project have been upgraded to support JSF 1.2. We found this sentence of the JSF 1.2 doku to be true:
"This implementation is 100% compatible with the 1.1_01 implementation, but many bugs have been fixed. If your application dependend on one of these bugs, it will need to be changed".
Unluckily we depended on 7 bugs. You can find the details on the fixes we made and on experiences we made when upgrading in our forum. We where able to maintain JSF 1.1 compatibility for all mentioned projects. Greetz, Ganesh, 26.03.2008

j4fry-components-1.1_06 released

Download the release with many new features and bugfixes:
There is a new onLoad tag, AJAX comes with true PPR and PPS now, AJAX has got an executeWhen attribute, there is a new ScriptHelperBean, the tags where redesigned for facelets supports and there is a new context param org.j4fry.RESOURCE_PATH.
Details of the new release are available in the forum Greetz, Ganesh, 13.03.2008

Bachelor investigation favours j4fry AJAX

Claudia Leeb has compiled a comparision of 27(!) JSF AJAX Frameworks in her bachelors examen at FH Hagenberg. It's a work that is worth your lecture if your are interested in the topic, because it gives you an overview of the technologies in question as well as of the frameworks implementing them. Last not least she concludes that j4fry is probably the fastest and technologically most advanced of all frameworks in scope of her investigation. It is written in german and we would love to publish an english translation on this site, because we think that it could be of great help also for people outside germany when deciding which AJAX solution to choose. Please contact me to volunteer for translation. Greetz, Ganesh, 12.03.2008

Radios and combo examples

Script injection has proved to be extremely usefull when implementing two new examples in the example application. One is a fully flexible and easy to use solution for radio groups in JSF tables. The other is a combo box (combination of input field and drop down list) implemented only with standard JSF components and Javascript.
Greetz, Ganesh, 02.03.2008

News, news, news, news!

There are two more sections on the J4Fry site now. The J4Fry Library and the Article Site contain a lot of interesting information. On the Link Collection Page you can find some useful links.
The documentation of the J4Fry AJAX JSF Solution and J4Fry JSF Panel has been updated and the J4Fry Taglib Description was adjusted. You find several examples on the documentation-pages.
The article "AJAX JSF Comparision" is now available in PDF-Format, click here
There is also a new version of the JSFTraining Tutorial, here.
Alex, 04.02.2008

Shuttle example

2 new shuttle examples are online in the example application. One is implemented with pure JSF. The other one uses script injection for multiple row selection and AJAX for PPR (partial page rendering). In the description it says that it uses PPS (partial page submission) but this part doesn't work yet. Wait for j4fry-components-1.1_06.jar (scheduled for march 2008) to see PPS working.
Greetz, Ganesh, 23.1.2008

JSFComponent, Lookups, example application and cookbook updates

Lots of fresh files for you: j4fry-components-1.1_05.jar, j4fry-lookups-1.1.jar and an update to the cookbook.
The examples project is no longer available as a zip file but instead the cookbok shows you how to connect Sourceforge anonymous CVS - this is easier for you and for me :-)
The example application now contains complete examples of datatables and trees and is ready for many new examples!
Greetz, Ganesh, 15.1.2008

JSF-Developers Forum

There is a new Forum for JSF-Developers.
The forum is founded by Ganesh Jung and Alexander Bell and is hosted at XING. We're looking forward to meet you in our new forum!


If you want to join our new forum, you have to sign up (for free) at XING afterwards you could join our group.
So long, cheerz Alex 09.11.2007

Server change

The J4Fry-Website and the example-applictions are running on Server4U now (instead of strato).
Some technical details:
We're running on Linux SuSE, Apache 2.0 (with SSI), Tomcat 6.0.14, mod_jk 1.2.25 (for redirecting JSPs), PostgreSQL 8.0.
If you've got some questions or problems don't hesitate to contact me.
So long, cheerz Alex - 20.10.2007

Example application online

The example application is online to demonstrate the power of the J4Fry architecture and how much value J4Fry components and lookups add to standard JSF.
Greetz, Ganesh, 5.10.2007

Quick setup projects released!

Two quick setup projects with and without hibernate support are now available for more comfortable cookbook instructions. Just download a quick setup (links provided in the cookbook )and import it into your eclipse workspace to start instantly developing tomcat JSF applications.
Greetz, Ganesh, 27.9.2007

HTTPLoadTester 1.0 released!

The HTTPLoadTester is a mature years-old tool that I've used for load tests of web applications for long. Unitl now it was hosted on the GPSJava site. After repackaging it's now available through J4Fry for he first time. HttpLoadTester supports cookies, basic authentication, HTTPS, loops, multithreaded clients and much more. I've added detailed step-by-step instructions.
Greetz, Ganesh, 12.8.2007

JSFComponents 1.1 released!

The AJAX JSF Tag has been significantly improved, we have introduced a JSF Collapsible Panel and in the errorhandling framework we have fixed some bugs and added some features to the converters and to the action wrapper. We are planning an enhanced POC application for release 1.2 to demonstrate the capabilities of a J4Fry enhanced standard JSF application to convince you that the use of mass-component frameworks like Trinidad, Tobago or IceFaces will not become the main stream for JSF development. Greetz, Ganesh, 23.7.2007

New J4Fry website online!

The J4Fry Community has got now a new website. The website was designed with CSS (CSS based layout). We did a XHTML 1.0 and CSS validation against the W3C standard as well. The website was successfully tested with the following web browsers:

Internet Explorer 5.55/6.0/7.0 Firefox 1.5/2.0 Netscape 7.1 Opera 9.10
iexplorer firefox netscape opera
successfully tested successfully tested successfully tested successfully tested

Other browsers like Konquerer or Safari are not tested yet. But we're gonna do this test in the future.

Konquerer Safari
konquerer safari
not tested not tested

If you have some questions or bug reports (for instance broken links) pleas send them to Alexander Bell.
We have also a new navigation structure. On the top of the page you have the common J4Fry-Options like 'News', 'Team', etc. On the right side you could see the main navigation. We have technical and business projects. There are some interesting projects in the technical section e.g. our J4Fry JSF components which helps you to develop JSF applications. The other interesting project is the J4Fry Lookups project. If you want to know how they work, please click on the certain navigation item to open a certain description to a project.
We also have a 'Quick Links' section where you can download our products directly and you haven't spend much time.
I wish you now a good time with the new website. Have fun!
Greetz Alex - 04.04.2007

J4Fry JSF components 1.0 released

There is the ultimate AJAX JSF component available in the downloads section. Read the documentation for usage instructions.
Greetz Ganesh - 17.03.07

J4Fry JSF errorhandling 0.9 released

With J4Fry JSF errorhandling we provide a universal approach with maximum developer comfort, perfect configurability and seamsless JSF integration to validate user input and lookup and propagate messages to the user.
Greetz Ganesh - 12.2.07

J4Fry Lookups 1.0 released

Check yourself the conceptual power, the universal usability, the ease of use and the high performance of our aspect oriented lookup aproach in the J4Fry Lookups section.
Greetz Ganesh - 12.1.07

Code uploaded to sourceforge.net

We uploaded a bunch of code that was produced by the J4Fry team to our sourceforge cvs tree.
Greetz Ganesh - 20.12.07

Added Project Editor V 0.1 to the Datamanagement section

Please view the datamanagement section for details and download.
Greetz Ganesh - 26.11.06

Added Datamanagement drafts

The drafts from our last meeting have been added to the datamanagement project
Greetz Ganesh - 9.11.06

Added JSF Documentation

In the JSF Documentation I've added the MyFaces 1.1.1 Javadocs and TLD Docs to have a quick reference to it on the net.
Greetz Ganesh - 17.10.06

New example for our J4Fry-Lookups

There is a new example for our J4Fry Lookups. It's even better to understand than the last one.
Just have a look on the new description: J4Fry Table Description.
It contains also a expression language example as well.
h4v3 pHun, greetz Alex - 14.10.2006

New project "data management" has been started

There's a data model, and a table with some example data.
Greetz Ganesh - 02.10.2006

Lookup context bug fixed

The description of the context definition of the lookup module has been fixed to work cross-plattform when autodeploying the war file in Tomcats webapps folder, but the example page still doesn't work, probably because the database access doesn't work. I'm working on the solution.

For those who who have tried earlier versions: The name of the warfile has been changed from J4Fry-Lookups-Class.war to J4Fry-Lookups.war

The Lookup installation guide has been reviewed and some linkes where updated.

I've added the original concepts with the "planets example".

Greetz Ganesh - 01.10.2006

The project QA (quality assurance) has also been moved to this site

but there is only a datamodel available for now.
Greetz Ganesh

JSFTraining and some JSF Examples are online!

The JSFTraining has been moved to this site and the JSF examples are online. Greetz Ganesh - 29.09.2006

J4Fry's new website is online

This website is currently only static HTML, no PHP.
PHP (or maybe JSF ???) will coming soon...
Currently there are no beautiful photoshop designs like on ByteRix Grafix
This is a website without "high-end graphics"...

Greetz Alex - 09.08.2006